Presbytery of Western North Carolina

The presbytery offices are temporarily closed for visitors due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
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March 13, 2020


As many of you are aware, COVID-19 is now classified as a global pandemic. Following Governor Cooper’s strong recommendation, we believe it is in the best interest of our Presbytery, its members, congregations and community to temporarily suspend all face-to-face gatherings effective immediately.

Your PWNC staff is hard at work developing ways for us to connect remotely to ensure the work of our Presbytery doesn’t suffer during this time. For the immediate future, all groups that utilize the Presbytery office or FPC Morganton for in person meetings or events should plan to move to an electronic forum, or postpone meeting dates until a later time.

Our staff will continue to work as always, sometimes in the office and sometimes remotely. We will also strive to effectively communicate with all those in leadership roles so that the efforts and momentum of our committees and members doesn’t suffer as we maneuver through this epidemic. Please remember we are available via email, phone, and text. The Presbytery’s offices will remain largely closed except for a small number of staff on site, so please don’t drop in unnecessarily. If you have needs, we urge you to contact us electronically.*

We will closely monitor the situation at hand and organize next steps, along with any further actions or recommendations that need to be taken, at the April 1st General Council meeting (via Zoom), or sooner if needed. Plans for the April 28th Presbytery meeting and the Guatemala Delegation trip will also be decided at that time.


For your information and planning:

All PDA trips have been canceled.

The Church Leadership School has suspended classes through Easter. Thereafter decisions will be made about resuming face to face or in online form.


The following group meetings have been moved to Zoom. You or your committee chair will receive a Zoom invitation for your gathering to be shared with committee members:

  • Mission Committee – 3/16
  • CPM – 3/18
  • Malawi Leadership – 3/18
  • Small Church – 3/19
  • Earth Care – 3/19
  • Staff Meeting – 3/19
  • G.A. Commissioners – 3/24
  • Council Leadership – 3/25
  • Youth Committee – 3/26
  • Exams – 3/30
  • COM – 3/31
  • Council – 4/1
  • Staff Meeting – 4/1
  • Malawi Education Team – 4/2
  • Hunger – 4/4
  • PYC Planning – 4/4 (Beth to setup.)
  • Microloan Delegates – 4/4
  • Earth Care – 4/16
  • Staff – 4/21
  • Youth Committee – 4/23
  • (The Adventure Day opportunity at Camp Grier and the Administrative Professional Luncheon will be evaluated after April 1.)


The following groups will be contacted concerning their meetings:
Microloan Delegates – 4/4
PW Spring Gathering – 4/18
Joint G.A. Commissioners Training – 4/25


We know this is an uncertain time for everyone and hope that these provisions will limit the demands on our health system and contribute to the safety and health of all involved. Stay well!


*You can reach staff members as follows:

(^ denotes part-time)
Name Email Phone/Text
Cam Murchison 404/556-8041 (phone/text)
Billy Robinson 828/448-2153 (phone/text)
Beth Gunn^ 828/329-9209 (phone/text)
Marie Palacios^ 828/838-4245 (phone/text)
Charles Davenport^ 704/689-0296 (phone/text)
Barbara Ross^ 828/387-6332 (phone)
Bob Ayala^ 828/284-6628 (phone)
Lisa Pressley 828/438-4217 (phone)
Tonya Williams 828/438-4217 (phone)
Robbin Buchanan^ 828/438-4217 (phone)
Marcia Puckett^ 828/438-4217 (phone)