Presbytery of Western North Carolina

The Church Leadership School/Commissioned Pastor (CLS/CLP) Training is a course of study designed to help you learn and grow in discipleship.

The program, which began in the fall of 1999, offers 170+ hours of training and class work in a two-year cycle and begins with a fellowship and orientation gathering on the first Saturday after Labor Day, held at the First Presbyterian Church in Morganton. The orientation provides an overview of the educational program, an opportunity to get to know one another, explore faith sharing and development, and obtain valuable information about how our classes are conducted, and our expectations for completion.  In addition, students will engage in a special topic presentation, acquire their textbooks and syllabi for the beginning term.

Many people take the course for their own personal enrichment or to strengthen their ability to serve their church.  For others, the program is designed to meet some (but not all) of the requirements leading to commissioning as a Commissioned Pastor.

The CLS meets 6 bi-weekly Saturdays each in the Fall and Winter, and 5 Saturdays in the Spring. The CLS/CLP curriculum is undergoing exciting changes and we will post all new information here. All classes are held at First Presbyterian Church, Morganton.

Current tuition is $75* each term and includes the costs for textbooks. Students are occasionally encouraged to purchase other texts and reference materials.

Please print this Educational Plan and Enrollment Forms and have your church session complete the Endorsement Form.  All forms, registration, enrollment and Session endorsement should be returned to the Presbytery Office, (114 Silver Creek Road, Morganton, NC 28655) addressed to Kerry L. Border.

The CLS/CLP sub-committee of our Presbytery is excited about this opportunity for you. If you want to be more connected to God, to your neighbor, to your church, and to your community, this dynamic program will make it happen! You will have a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

To register, or for more information contact:

Kerry L. Border
586-243-9362 or

Lisa Pressley, Presbytery Staff
Presbytery Office, 828-438-4217 or

*Fees Subject to Change