Presbytery of Western North Carolina

Orienting Lives Toward Christ-Centered Masculinity

Men in the Mirror (MIM) is a biblically based 13-week curriculum for men that asks them to examine their beliefs about what it means to be a man in relation to their families and their communities, and to learn to express their masculinity in a Christ-like manner. It challenges men to improve their relationship skills by studying and applying the dynamics of relationship that Jesus exhibited in situations with men, women, and children.

Goals are to change men’s attitudes towards themselves and women to:

  • End domestic violence
  • Improve family dynamics
  • Provide new expectations for sons and daughters
  • Create a community model for social change
  • Collaborate with other groups and expand support for men and their families

Couples in the Mirror:

In response to requests for something to continue the learning after the completion of the MIM curriculum, a devotional series for couples entitled “Couples in a Mirror” was developed. The devotional series uses the same passages and themes as MIM and adds case studies so husbands and wives can study the materials together and dialogue. The goal is to deepen the concepts learned and to strengthen relationships between spouses.


The Rev. Dr. Kevin Frederick was involved in domestic violence work that included serving as a member of the Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network and realized that, while there were resources to assist victims of domestic violence, help for perpetrators was lacking. Believing that the church must confront the cultural norms that allow violence to impact families, he wrote the MIM curriculum. He began leading workshops in the US and abroad, primarily in Guatemala and Malawi.

In Guatemala:

  • Initially Rev. Dr. Frederick taught the curriculum in workshops with CEDEPCA and in the Guatemalan partner presbyteries of the Presbytery of Western North Carolina (PWNC).

  • In 2018, Rev. Mateo Gonzalez was hired to serve as the Guatemalan Facilitator and Teacher of MIM. He has taught classes in various locations in Guatemala, in Nicaragua, and during Covid conducted classes by Zoom with church leaders in other Latin American countries.

  • The training of 100 police chaplains across Guatemala was begun in August of 2023 using “Chaplains in the Mirror.” The devotions and case studies target issues the chaplains face surrounding not only domestic violence, but a variety of crisis interventions which they routinely face in their line of duty.

In 2022 a pilot project was begun with ADEHGUA, administrators of the Guatemala Microloan Project. Classes were offered in the community of Morelia and the husbands and older sons of the women in the microloan group there were invited to attend. In 2024, a second series of classes using Couples in the Mirror was begun. Plans are to continue working with ADEHGUA in Morelia and in other communities to deepen the impact of both efforts.

In Malawi:

  • In response to an invitation from Nkhoma Synod leaders, in April 2023 Rev. Dr. Kevin Frederick taught the MIM curriculum to a group of 20 pastors, and to 24 seminarians graduating in June 2023.

  • Men in the Mirror and the companion Couples in the Mirror were translated into Chichewa for use in communities throughout Nkhoma Synod.

  • The 44 pastors used the Couples in the Mirror devotional series with their wives and children and the preliminary results of how this strengthened marriages and parenting have been very encouraging.

  • More than 50 congregations have now offered MIM classes.

  • The Synod voted to use the MIM curriculum in all 800 congregations in the Nkhoma Synod.

  • Going forward, additional groups of pastors will be trained by the seminary and Synod staff to implement the MIM curriculum in their congregations.


Raoul (Guatemala): “I started 2022 by asking God to help me become more like Jesus in my life and this program has really opened many doors for me to make the changes I needed to make in my life.”

Pastor (Nicaragua): “In this course I learned to unlearn bad behavior which was counter to my faith in Jesus Christ. I was encouraged by the course and by other participants who took it with me to open my heart, mind, and spirit to learn from Jesus a more focused emphasis on healthy relationships.”

Johanni, director of youth and children’s ministries (Malawi): “The Men in the Mirror training has come at the right time. In Malawi we have a culture that needs to be challenged with the Gospel. Many times, we think women are inferior in society. This training is an eye opener. The course has taught that Jesus does not sideline or abuse women; in fact, he empowers them. This training is very important, and I want to take it to the young people, especially to the boys and young men in our churches. They should be able to appreciate that we are all equal before the Lord.” 

These comments are reflective of the feedback received whenever the course is taught and are examples of the impact it is having on the lives of men and their families. Thanks be to God!

Your prayers are valuable and appreciated! For more information about Men In the Mirror, to receive email updates, or to schedule a program contact Rev. Dr. Kevin Frederick at or Brian Thompson Royer, former mission co-worker to Guatemala and Men in the Mirror co-leader, at