Presbytery of Western North Carolina

One Great Hour of Sharing:


OGHS is one of the four official offerings of the PCUSA. It is normally taken on Easter Sunday or on each of the Sundays in Lent. Together our gifts brought a multitude of blessings to people and communities around the world. Together these gifts provided aid in times of disaster, new opportunities for the hungry to feed themselves, hope and healing to people experiencing the hardship of war, promise to those who have found a new livelihood. It is the community of Christ helping neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Un-designated contributions are divided among three mission programs:

Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) 32% 
Self-Development of People (SDOP) 32% 
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance(PDA) 36% 
(An aside: By subscribing to the PDA Rapid Information Network, a yahoo mail group, you can receive instant updates about what's happening in the "disaster world" and how we as Presbyterians are responding through our One Great Hour of Sharing offerings. It's quick, informative and vital for mission oriented folks. Visit here to sign-up. )

The extra 4% for PDA is for organizing in the U.S. to address homelessness.

At the beginning of each year a large envelope of OGHS materials will arrive at your church, complete with bulletin inserts, envelopes, children’s materials, and a planning book. Be on the lookout!