Presbytery of Western North Carolina

Please enjoy and reflect on the following poem written by Rev. Beverly Brock upon her return from Malawi.


The Warm Heart of Africa

Beautiful people, a beautiful land.
Exotic creatures:
Baboon and Hippo,
Elephants and Zebras,
Warthogs and Red Bishops.
Mountains that jut out of the plains and stand regal at guard over
their domain.
Tall grasses and sugar cane,
maize and soy bean,
cow bean and okra.
God the Father, our Creator is alive and well in the Warm Heart of Africa.

Beautiful people, beautiful smiles.
Soulful eyes of happiness and yet fear.
Young mothers with babies at their breast.
Old women with heavy sacks on their heads.
Young men walking with hoes in their hands.
Head men gather and talk and decide.
Famine is beaten back from the door
but fear of the unknown future
lurks in the shadows.
Many die or are dying from the thinning disease.
Hands of comfort hold the orphaned, care for the sick,
feed the hungry, build homes, bury the dead, uplift the souls.

The song of life goes on.
The voices of hope and praise sing out.
Babies are baptized, couples wed. Laughter is shared.
God the Son, Jesus Christ is alive and well in the Warm Heart of Africa.

Sacks of maize, babbling pots of porridge.
Babies hang from scales on tree limbs.
A young woman proudly adds 3 plus 4.
A choir sings; the women's guild takes a new member.
A crop is planted, a fish is caught, a baby survives.
Strangers become friends.
Friends become family.
From Chisomo to calypso country gospel, the word of God is proclaimed.
God the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the Warm Heart of Africa.