Presbytery of Western North Carolina

(During Sunday Worship preceding mission trip)

(Mission Team Coordinator and Pastor meet at front of Sanctuary.)


COORDINATOR: Briefly describes what the project is, and calls participants and leaders forward by name.

(They stand in front facing congregation.)


There are different gifts,
but the same Spirit who gives them.
There are different ways of serving God,
but it is the same Lord who is served.
Each one of us is given a gift by the Spirit,
to use for the common good.
Together we are the body of Christ,
and individually members of the body of Christ.

(To congregation:) Friends, I present to you those who will represent this congregation in this mission project.

(To participants/leaders:) Mission workers, I present to you the people who have been and will continue to support you. They believe your mission is important.

Do you accept the responsibility of representing this congregation in doing the work of our Lord in a distant place? If so, answer, "I do."

Will you work to exemplify Christ's teachings by loving one another and by translating Christ's message with excitement and care, turning strangers to friends and friends to brothers and sisters? If so, answer, "I will."

Will you serve in this special work with energy, intelligence, imagination and love, treasuring your experiences as opportunities to teach and to grow? If so, answer "I will."


(To congregation:)

Do you, the members and friends of Presbyterian Church, accept these people as missionaries chosen to extend our Christian love and concern to others? If so, answer, "I do."

Will you support them with your prayers during their venture and with your interest upon their return, recognizing their special contribution to the work of the Church and their mission as your own? If so, answer, "I will."

Let us pray: Gracious God, we present our hopes for these specially commissioned this day. In every age you have chosen servants to speak your word in unique and special and various ways. We thank you for these people whom you have called to serve you. Give them each special gifts to do their special work. Fill them with the Holy Spirit so they may accept all they confront, and be faithful and joyful in their task. Bring them safely home and then let their experience further enrich us so that we, too, may better serve you.

Creator God, now give us strength, wisdom and love to work for our Lord Jesus Christ as we serve others in distant places. Amen.

You are now commissioned by this, your home congregation. Go forth, doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God through Jesus the Christ. Amen.