Presbytery of Western North Carolina

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July 2010

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Title Page
Contents 01
Letter from the Stated Clerk 02
Directions to First Presbyterian Church, Cherryville, NC 03
Newcomer's Guide to Presbytery Meetings 04-05
Rules for Debate 06
Docket, Highlights of Meeting, and Calendar of Events 07-10
Omnibus Motion 11
Stated Clerk's Report
-Stated Clerk Attachment 1 – PWNC Membership Statistics
-Stated Clerk Attachment 1 – PWNC Worship Statistics
-Stated Clerk Attachment 2 – Administrative Commission Reports for Marion, First and Duncan’s Creek
-Stated Clerk Attachment 3  – Administrative Commission Report for Iglesia Emanuel Fellowship
-Stated Clerk Attachment 4 – Administrative Commission Report for New Vision, Conover New Church Development
Coordinating Council
-Coordinating Council Attachment 1 – Proposal from John & Leslie Cromwell
-Coordinating Council Attachment 2 – Hunger Grant Procedures & Application
Committee on Ministry (COM)
-COM Attachment 1 – Statement of Faith & Bio for Kristy R. Farber
-COM Attachment 2 – Statement of Faith & Bio for James E. Layman
-COM Attachment 3 – Terms of Call 2010
Nominating Committee Recommendations 41-44

Outreach Division Report (Mission Committee & Hunger Committee)
Mission Committee Attachment 1 – Malawi Mission Team Report
Hunger Committee Attachment 1 – Hunger Grant Procedures & Application

General Presbyter Report 54-55
2010 Board of Pensions Updates 56-57