Presbytery of Western North Carolina

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Title Page
Contents 01
Letter from the Stated Clerk 02
Docket and Calendar of Events 03-07
Map and Directions to Montreat Conference Center 08-10
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month 11
Newcomer's Guide to Presbytery Meetings 12-13
Rules for Debate 14
Omnibus Motion 15

Stated Clerk's Report

  • Stated Clerk Attachment 1–Administrative Commission Report for First Presbyterian Church, Lincolnton
  • Stated Clerk Attachment  2-Administrative Commission Report for New Vision New Church Development & Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel Fellowship
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 3–Administrative Commission Report for West Asheville Presbyterian Church & Cullowhee Presbyterian Church
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 4–Administrative Commission Report for Dulatown Presbyterian Church & Southminster Presbyterian Church
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 5–Montreat Court Case Update
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 6-Overture from First Presbyterian Church, Hendersonville

Administrative Board (formerly Coordinating Council)

  • Administrative Board Attachment 1–Recommendation to hire Barbara Ross
  • Administrative Board Attachment 2–Recommendation to re-elect elder Bert Sigmon as part-time Stated Clerk
  • Administrative Board Attachment 3–Montreat Court Case Update
  • Administrative Board Attachment 4–Process for Committees Reporting
  • Administrative Board Attachment 5–Guidelines for Congregations Considering A Request to Presbytery to be Dismissed

Committee on Ministry (COM)

  • COM Attachment 1 – Statement of Faith & Bio Barbara Ross
  • COM Attachment 2 – Statement of Faith & Bio Joseph Rand
  • COM Attachment 3 – Statement of Faith & Bio Virginia H. Russell
  • COM Attachment 4 – Statement of Faith & Bio T. Feild Russell
  • COM Attachment 5 – Statement of Faith & Bio Edward W. Donnell
Nominating Committee Recommendations 61-62
Committee on Preparation for Ministry 63
Witness Division (formerly Outreach Division)
(Mission, Hunger, Peace & Justice, Guatemala Partnership )
Peace and Justice 67
Campus Mission Committee 68
Christian Education Committee 69
Youth Committee 70-77
Budget and Finance Committee 78-79
Personnel Report 80-81
General Presbyter Report 82-83
Synod Commissioner Reports 84-85

Transition Task Force Report

  • TTF Attachment 1 – Administrative Commissions
  • TTF Attachment 2 – Temporary Pastor Titles
  • TTF Attachment 3 – Associate Pastor Eligibility