Presbytery of Western North Carolina

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Title Page
Contents 1-2
Letter from the Stated Clerk 3-5
Newcomer’s Guide to Presbytery Meetings 6-7
Rules for Debate 8
Presbytery Reporting Process 9
Seeking To Be Faithful 10
Docket and Calendar of Events 11-15
Consent Agenda 16

Stated Clerks Report

  • Stated Clerk Attachment 1– Administrative Commission Report for New Vision Church, Conover and Lincolnton, First
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 2– Administrative Commission Report for West Asheville Presbyterian Church
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 3–Administrative Commission Report for Korean Presbyterian Church,  and Cullowhee Presbyterian Church
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 4–Administrative Commission Report for Hendersonville, First
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 5- Administrative Commission Report for Franklin, First
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 6 – Overture on Sustainable Development: Precautionary Principle to the 221st General Assembly
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 7 – Overture regarding IMCK in Congo and Endowment to the 221st General Assembly

Administrative Board

  • Administrative Board Attachment 1–Contract between the Presbytery of WNC and Mr. Sam Avery of OS Associates, LLC for Feasibility Study
  • Administrative Board Attachment 2 – Information for Guatemala Partnership Coordinator and Marie Connelly dePalacioa

Committee on Ministry (COM)

  • COM Attachment 1–Statement of Faith and Bio, Sermon Transcript and CPM Report for Katherine Debruhl Blankenship
  • COM Attachment 2–Statement of Faith and Bio for James Koone
  • COM Attachment 3–Statement of Faith and Bio for Peggy Koone
  • COM Attachment 4 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Keith Andrew Grogg
  • COM Attachment 5 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Clara Lynn Bledsoe
  • COM Attachment 6 – Statement of Faith and Bio for James M. Cook
  • COM Attachment 7 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Denise Thorpe
Nominating Committee Report 66-68

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

  • CPM Attachment 1 – Statement of Call for Ben Garris
  • CPM Attachment 2 – Statement of Call for Alex McNeill
Evangelism Committee Report 77-78
Witness Division (formerly Outreach Division) (Mission, Hunger, Peace & Justice, Leadership Team of the Guatemala Partnership) 79-81
Christian Education Committee 82
Youth Committee News 83-93
Budget and Finance Committee 94-104
Personnel Report 105-109
General Presbyter Report 110-111


  • Shop Montreat
  • Small Church Forums – May 2014
  • Grandfather Home for Children Centennial Celebration
  • Let’s Celebrate…Taste of Community – September 13, 2014
  • Women’s Connection 2014 – August 7 – August 10, 2014