Presbytery of Western North Carolina

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October 2015

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Title Page
Contents 1-2
Letter from the Stated Clerk and Directions 3-5 (directions)  
Newcomer’s Guide to Presbytery Meetings 6-7
Rules for Debate 8
Docket and Calendar of Events 9-13
Consent Agenda 14

Stated Clerks Report

  • Stated Clerk Attachment 1 – Administrative Commission Report for New Vision Church, Conover
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 2 – Administrative Commission Report for Hendersonville, First
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 3 – Administrative Commission Report for Lenoir First & Walnut Grove
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 4 – Administrative Commission Report for Cullowhee Campus Minister Board
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 5 – Overture on Fossil Fuel Submitted by First Presbyterian Church, Asheville
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 6 – Sacred Trust Relational Boundaries Training

General Council

  • General Council Attachment 1 – Special Offering for SC Floods and Malawi Drought
  • General Council Attachment 2 – Report from Administrative Division
  • General Council Attachment 3 – Report from Leadership Division
  • General Council Attachment 4 – Report from Congregational Care Division

Committee on Ministry (COM)

  • COM Attachment 1 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Tricia Lytle
  • COM Attachment 2 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Christopher Voorhees Taylor
  • COM Attachment 3 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Joanne D. Glaser
  • COM Attachment 4 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Patrick Johnson
Nominating Committee 54-61
Committee on Preparation for Ministry Report 62-71
Guatemala Partnership Education Report 72-76
Youth Committee News 77-89
Associate Presbyter Report 90
Budget and Finance Committee 91-94
Small Membership Church Committee 95
General Presbyter Report 96-98
Highlights of the 236th Meeting of the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 99-100
Presbyterian Women 101-105
Special Offering – Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for South Carolina Flood Relief and Malawi Flooding and Drought Relief Resulting in a Food Shortage 106