Presbytery of Western North Carolina

Presbytery Office Reopening!

Beginning June 1st, the Presbytery office will reopen to visitors! We do ask that you continue to observe the appropriate protocols when visiting (i.e., sanitize your hands, wear a mask, socially distance, etc.) and to please stay home if you are not feeling well. The safety, health and wellness of everyone is first and foremost in our minds, so we are taking this step cautiously and will re-evaluate this change per the CDC and state government officials' guidance if needed.

´╗┐We look forward to seeing you soon!

January 2019

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Title Page
Contents 1-2
Docket and Calendar of Events 3-8
Letter from the Stated Clerk
Directions and Lodging
Newcomer’s Guide to Presbytery Meetings 12-13
Consent Agenda 14-18

Stated Clerk’s Report

  • Stated Clerk Attachment 1 – Administrative Commission Report for New Vision Church, Conover
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 2 – Administrative Commissions Reports for Westminster; Swannanoa, First; and West Avenue
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 3 – Administrative Commission Report for Churches Concluding Their Ministry and From the Board of UKirk
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 4 – Roster of the Permanent Judicial Commission

General Council

  • General Council Attachment 1 – Process for Voting on Amendments

Committee on Ministry (COM)

  • COM Attachment 1 – Statement of Faith and Bio for John Hagmann
  • COM Attachment 2 – Statement of Faith and Bio for Kenyon G Meeks, Jr.
  • COM Attachment 3 – Transitional Pastor to Installed Pastor Policy
  • COM Attachment 4 – Former Pastor Policy and Covenant of Closure
  • COM Attachment 5 – Advocate Program
Nominating Committee 55
Evangelism Committee 56-58

Witness/Mission Division Reports

  • Mission Committee
  • Guatemala Partnership
  • Peace and Justice Committee
Youth Committee News 72-74
Christian Education Committee 75-78
Finance Committee 79-85
Building H.O.P.E. 86-87
Personnel 88-89
General Presbyter Report 90-91
Presbyterian Women 92
Moderator’s Report 93-101
Sacred Trust Relational Boundaries Training
Young Adult Volunteer News