Presbytery of Western North Carolina

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Title Page
Contents 1-2
Docket and Calendar of Events 3-7
Letter from the Stated Clerk 8-9
Consent Agenda 10-11
Stated Clerk’s Report
  • Stated Clerk Attachment 1 – Administrative Commission Reports for West Asheville Presbyterian, Oak Forest, and Churches Concluding Their Ministry
General Council
  • General Council Attachment 1 – Proposed Amendments to Constitution
    • 22-O (adds language regarding boundary training)
    • 22-T (adds to list of appropriate actions)
    • 22-U (adds language regarding invitation to baptism for those who come to the table)
Committee on Ministry (COM)
  • COM Attachment 1 – Bio and Statement of Faith for Dana Sutton
  • COM Attachment 2 - Bio and Statement of Faith for Lindsay Jacaruso
  • COM Attachment 3 - Bio and Statement of Faith for Michael Shepard
  • COM Attachment 4 – Proposed Amendments to Constitution
    • 22-E (remove “honorably” before “retired”)
    • 22-I (12 weeks paid family leave in TOC)
    • 22-Q (authorizes minimum requirements for severance in TOC)
Nominating/Representation Committee Report 36
PJC – Proposed Amendments to Constitution
  • 22-CC (disciplinary process continues when accused renounces jurisdiction)
  • 22-GG (complete revision of Rules of Discipline)
Preparation for Ministry 110
Final Proposed Amendments to Constitution
  • 22-P (requires anti-racism policy)
Mission Committee
  • Affordable Housing
  • Malawi Mission
Youth Committee
  • Adventure Day
  • PYC Application Flyer
  • Scholarship for Camp Grier Flyer
  • Soul Shop
  • Calendar of Events
Finance Committee 127-134
Personnel Committee 135-137
General Presbyter Report 138-139
Highlights 251st Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 140-143
Presbyterian Women 144
Reception for Marie Palacios